Adding passion and spirit to the holiday seasonAdding passion and spirit to the holiday seasonAdding passion and spirit to the holiday seasonAdding passion and spirit to the holiday season

Get to know us and what we want to do for the community and beyond.

Mission Statement

Treesgiving was created with the purpose of sprucing up the holidays for children and families in the local and surrounding communities. We would like the opportunity to assist those who are in unexpected situations and need some holiday cheer. Whether in the hospital, shelter, or struggling to keep it going during the holiday, Treesgiving is here to let you know, WE CARE. Let us spruce up a tree for you, your child(ren), family, neighbor, or entire community. Treesgiving has a vision of being able to supply all the local Children's Hospital rooms with a tree for the holiday year 2022 and beyond.  

Treesgiving is recognized as a 501(c)(3) as of August 2019

EIN/Tax Identification number: 84-2075711


Who We Are


Founder and CEO of Treesgiving.  Having always wanted to make a difference, Andrea is excited to see Treesgiving grow and be able to give holiday cheer to those in the local and surrounding communities.


Vice President and Social Media Director, Sydney is a college student with a passion for making a difference in the community.


The boy who asked his mom how he could provide trees to everyone who doesn't have one during the holiday season.    

Our Story

Treesgiving was created for a 7 year-old who wanted to provide all children with a mini tree for the holiday like he had.

"My son had a little mini blue Christmas tree on his dresser in his room. It only had lights on it and he wanted ornaments. My husband took him to the store and they picked some out.  After we finished decorating, we discussed being thankful.  We spoke how he was fortunate to have his own mini tree because many children do not.  This made my son sad.  He asked if there was was a way to provide other/all kids with trees.  In the moment I told him it was a very nice genuine thought but no.  The next day, I thought, I can make that happen for him, and Treesgiving was formed." 

                                                                                            - Andrea, Founder of Treesgiving 

Our inspiration tree
Our inspiration tree

Our Community Work


Jacob, the boy behind Treesgiving, had the opportunity to meet with residents at Canterbury-on-the-Lake. 


Jacob, meeting with more residents at Canterbury-on-the-Lake. 


Jacob at Canterbury-on-the-Lake. 

Sydney, VP of Treesgiving, at Canterbury-on-the-Lake and one of their residents who received a tree.

Sydney, VP of Treesgiving, meets with a resident at Canterbury-on-the-Lake.  

advent trees

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How much of the money donated goes to Treesgiving?

100%.   All donations received by  Treesgiving go directly to the  foundation.  Donations are used for the  purchase of trees and decorations for the trees.  A small portion will go to operating  expenses such as future storage expense for the trees and potential transport of trees to our recipients.      

How does Treesgiving choose its recipients?

Treesgiving and its volunteers collaborate on who we feel will benefit from our trees.  Our goal is to provide trees to those who will associate their tree with a time in their life where it was tough but community came through for them.  

I would like to nominate a child or group of children to receive a tree, how do I make contact?

If you are interested in nominating a  child or children, please email  with your nomination and story.  

How does Treesgiving raise money?

Our fundraising is done through small business donations, online donations, and our annual fundraiser.

How can I volunteer with Treesgiving?

If you would like to volunteer at Treesgiving, please email Treesgiving at

Have a question not listed?

Contact Treesgiving at 

Help fund our mission

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